Erica + Dillon – 4th of July Wedding at Orting Manor

When I first met Erica + Dillon I instantly connected with them! They are such a sweet young couple that wanted nothing more than to say their vows in front of those closest to them. I could relate so much to them as Jimmy and I were only 19 and 20 ourselves when we got married in a courthouse ceremony. With everything going one in the world lately it was so wonderful to see two young people in love exchanging their vows in such a beautiful setting. I especially loved getting to know their love story a bit before the big day.

Dillon and Erica met in high school and started dating shortly after graduation. They’re self proclaimed “huge nerds” which I love! Nerds are my kind of people and the best kind in my opinion 😉 These two love playing video games, anime, going to comic con and popping into comic book stores whenever they can. They also love quoting movies and tv shows like we do. I thought Jimmy and I were certainly the only ones to do that!

On Erica’s last birthday Dillon knew he wanted to ask the big question. They went to the Tacoma Rose Garden, like they did on her last birthday. Although he was pretty sure she had some idea he might propose that day, he was still able to surprise her. There, among the beautiful roses, Dillon asked Erica if she would be his wife…. to which she of course said YES!

While planning a wedding is normally a challenge enough, it’s even more challenging right now. Thankfully Orting Manor offers micro weddings now in light of all that has happened. Erica and Dillon were able to invite some of their closest friends and family to the manor for a small, intimate wedding. I was so honored they asked me to capture it for them. And honestly the day couldn’t have been more perfect for a wedding. Even though it was the 4th of July it was the perfect temperature and the sun was out.


This was a bit different of a wedding day so Erica got ready offsite and was able to sit in the car while waiting for the ceremony to start. As their roughly 25 guests arrived Dillon greeted them and they took their seats. Erica’s dad then walked his beautiful beaming daughter down the isle to her soon to be husband. After a sweet ceremony they were officially husband and wife! Afterwards they were able to take a few small moments to themselves as newlyweds. They hugged each other so tightly and you could just feel the love they share. I completely teared up while watching them… it was so incredibly sweet to witness.


After a sweet little first dance as husband and wife it was on to a delicious taco dinner from Los Pinos and mini cupcakes from Gracene’s. While there wasn’t a traditional cake cutting they did opt to feed each other each a cupcake. They were so cute about it too… making sure not to get frosting all over and helping each other wipe off cake bits.

I was really taken with these two and the love that they have for each other. Along with the love and support that I could see from their family and friends too. We wish them so much happiness, love and an amazing future together!





Erica + Dillon – 4th of July Wedding at Orting Manor

  1. Lon Warren says:

    Nicely done!

  2. Janine Ferderer says:

    Congratulations to you both! We are so happy for you.

  3. Andrea says:

    Simply stunning!

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