The Historic Farmhouse 14 – Puyallup, Washington

The Historic Farmhouse 14…. oh where to begin?! First off, I have to say that I didn’t even know that this little gem of a farmhouse even existed! For 3 1/2 years I lived right up the hill and had never seen it. I’ve driven passed it more times than I can count but had no clue that it was nestled away off of State Route 162. I was completely surprised when I found out about it and knew I had to get over there. You know me, sucker for all things vintage. Ok, maybe not ALL things, but all the pretty things 😉


I had been following Amy on both of her Instagram accounts for quite sometime when she had reached out to me about collaborating. Of course I was super excited as I had been dying to get over there anyways. We set up a time and off I went, for what I told my husband would be a quick little meeting….. I got back home about 6 hours later! Amy and I instantly felt like old friends and I just felt so at home at the farmhouse. Amy’s husband Derrick joked that I was now officially family.  Amy and I “plan” on having shorter meetings but we’ve just started to accept that there is no such thing when we get together!Let me tell you about a bit about the amazing home they are so proud to own. The farmhouse was built in 1903 and is not only a wedding venue but it’s also their home.  They have been the proud owners for just shy of 8 years and they have put a lot of time and care into restoring this beautiful house to what she is today. Their main goal has to not only been to tell the story of the home’s rich history but also of all those who continue to add to the legacy of it. “Your story matters” is not just a sign that greets you when you walk into the entry, it’s truly a a vision that Amy and Derrick have for their home.Meandering through out it’s fun to see the fun and unique touches they have brought into the home and what they have been able to keep. Such as the pocket doors that separate the dining and living room areas to the beautiful hard wood floors. The decor is a fun mix of vintage and southern charm. And the bridal suite…. oh the bridal suite!!! It’s probably my favorite part of the house. It’s so glamorous and cozy. No detail was overlooked into designing this perfect space to get ready. From the vanity spaces to the long comfy couch, it is truly a picture perfect room. 

The farmhouse is tucked back so far down a long secluded driveway that you really feel like you’re more out in the country side and not off of a busier road. You can see the care and time that Derrick puts into the landscaping. There are so many neat areas to explore. Little pathways that lead under lush trees, lots of beautiful ivy and garden spaces and the homes own orchard. It’s a nature lovers dream and the perfect spot to hold a wedding reception, or even a small ceremony!

There is a larger ceremony space at the back of the property with a beautiful dark arbor that can be decorated to suit your unique style. Directly behind the home is a patio with cafe lights running overhead, which makes for the perfect area to dance the night away.Along with providing a stunning backdrop for you to say “I Do” you also have access to their specialty decor items. From tables, wine barrels, vases, vintage plates, silverware, etc. The Farmhouse Flower Company is also onsite and Amy creates the most breathtaking arrangements. Whatever style you have in mind she can bring to life. Having your floral and decor all on site makes it not only easy to achieve your perfect wedding look but also taking some of the wedding planning stress off of you. And as you know, the less stress the better! Oh and did I mention you get the whole weekend when you book?! They only do 13 weddings a year as to be able to serve on their couple’s and make their perfect day a reality. If you’d love to have your wedding at this amazing venue be sure to head over to to get in touch with Amy!!!










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The Historic Farmhouse 14 – Puyallup, Washington

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