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I had been looking for a place to start hosting mini sessions recently and I was starting to get a little frustrated, to be honest. Even though there are so many pretty spots out here in the Puyallup/Tacoma area it’s hard to know what exact rules there are in certain places or if the pretty fields that catch my eye belong to someone or not. And then I jumped onto Instagram one day and it’s as if the universe was like “here ya go Autumn!”. There was Farms & Fairytales with all these pictures of cute props and sets. I HAD to reach out as soon as I could to meet Leah and to check out her place. With a name like Farms & Fairytales I knew, this I had to see!

When I arrived Leah and her daughter Leila were there to greet me. They are absolutely sweet and had a fun time showing me around and telling me what they have done so far and the many more ideas that Leah has. It’s such a peaceful spot that Leah’s sister was there visiting just to sit out at the little cottage to read. You really feel like you’re in a special hidden forest, safe away from the rest of the world.

It’s especially amazing to know what it was like just a short few years ago and to see what Leah and her husband Ben have done with the property. Before they bought this pretty plot of land it was covered in garbage…. as in they hauled out a good 40,000 pounds of garbage you guys!!!! Looking around now you wouldn’t be able to tell at all. Now all you see are the amazing little fairytale spots hidden throughout the woods behind their home.

As we walked around the woods I was so surprised that after each adorable spot Leah would announce that there was more to see! She has so many different beautiful little sets that she has created. She has some serious decorating skills and this wonderful knack for breathing magic and life into her vision.  There’s a gypsy wagon, a Bavarian cottage, a vintage clawfoot bath tub, a flower swing, an iron bed, a pond, a vintage truck, a tractor, a little sailboat… the list goes on!

Did I mention she also has a ton of props and vintage furniture for use as well? You have an idea for a prop I’m sure she already has it in her barn. There is a treasure trove of goodies in there.


And this wouldn’t be a farm if there wasn’t animals right?! There are chickens, pigs, ducks, roosters, bunnies, a turkey, horses, a pony named King Fergus, and of couse goats! You have to  ask Leah to tell you about her “Goat Storage” sign, it’s hilarious. She is also setting up an indoor studio and plans on possibly hosting weddings at their farm as soon as next year.

Farms & Fairytales is really a photographers absolute dream for photo sessions. You can do family photos here, styled shoots, engagement sessions, branding, senior sessions… the possibilities are really endless! I can’t wait to get our family mini session event set up here soon!!


Farms & Fairytales 2020 rates:

$50 for the first hour and $30 for each additional hour

$60 per hour for the iron bed (bedding provided)

$80 per hour for the clawfoot tub for Boudoir sessions

This little gem is truly a little slice of heaven in the middle of Graham. You can see the love and care that Leah and her family have put into every area of their property and they love being able to share it! Make sure you give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram and get ahold of Leah to set up your session!

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Farms & Fairytales

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