Mountain View Manor – Enumclaw, Wa

I have to start off by saying that Mountain View Manor has a special place in my heart. It’s here that I did one of my first weddings as a new photographer. It’s also where Jimmy and I got our inspiration for our dream to own our own wedding venue one day. I have ALWAYS loved weddings, as you guys know, but it had never occurred to me that you can have a gorgeous wedding venue of your very own right on your own property until I came here. I instantly fell in love with the manor and grounds and a dream was born. That was 3 years ago and our vision for our own venue has grown and evolved but I always think of Mountain View Manor when we talk about our ideas for our own venue.


It was so much fun going back, getting to chat with Sheri and photographing the venue itself. Sheri is the owner, along with her husband Larry, and she is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. We had so much fun walking around and discussing the venue, weddings and life in general. Speaking of life, they just became grandparents!!! They have a beautiful baby granddaughter now and Sheri was beaming with pride when I arrived. They had just arrived back from California from getting to meet the precious newest addition to their family!

To kick off our tour we first started in the bridal suite and groom’s quarters. I love how this addition was added onto the manor itself. The two are housed in a separate building next to the main house but they’re connected by a covered hallway that leads from the front entrance into the venue space in the back.

Now when I say bridal suite I don’t mean a tiny little getting ready area. I mean you get a whole suite! It’s practically it’s own house. There is a fully functional kitchen, bathroom, dining space, living area and my favorite feature, the salon room! There is a wrap around mirror that covers 3 walls, a long continuous counter top and plug in’s galore. It’s the best getting ready space for hair and make up. Honestly the bridal suite itself is bigger than the house we lived in with our oldest two kids when Jimmy was going to school in Montana. No joke! There is soooo much room here to kick back, relax and hang out with your crew while you get dolled up! This space is a wedding photographers dream for getting ready shots and bridal portraits. The mirrors in this suite are perfection!

The Groom’s Quarters is almost as spacious and just as amazing. It’s the boys perfect hang out for sure, complete a large flat screen and it’s own locker room! The guys can kick back before the ceremony and watch some sports while getting ready. The area is complete with a small kitchen, bathroom, pub table and comfy leather chairs. The lockers are a fun touch to the getting ready space and make for some fun pre-wedding photo ops! Think pre-game pep talk complete game plans, diagrams, etc. Oh the shenanigan’s and hilarious possibilities!

When we began touring the back of the manor we were met by Spike, their loving little puppy. I say puppy but he’s actually an old man! His hearing and sight are going but this little rascal had a fun time following me around while I took pictures. So naturally I had to make sure I got a few of him too! Look at that little underbite! Such a sweet boy.

Where Spike is pictured laying is where the new tent is going up. It will be where the caterers will set up and serve dinner. Having a seperate space from the main tent is perfect. Leaving plenty of room in the grand tent for the reception and dancing. The grand tent is so spacious an open that you almost forget it’s a tent and not in a ballroom. The ceilings are high and drapped with beautiful white linnen. You also have the option of having the traditional chandeliers OR you can opt for these rustic beauties! I personally LOVE the new chandeliers that they just purchased. They bring an extra pop of country elegance. Not to mention this tent is perfect for the late night dance photos becuase this tent reflects light like a dream!

One of my favorite things about this property is the wide variety of spaces that you have to chose from for portraits. The landscaping is lovingly taken care of and there are so many gorgeous flowers and little pathways. Not to mention that when Mt. Rainier is out you can get some of the most EPIC pictures. Mountain View Manor does not disappoint on views of our very own volcano. The view from the ceremony space is breathtaking! The arbor is picture perfect and a stunning place to marry your best friend. The lawn is large and there is plenty of space to accommodate large weddings and to also properly socially distance during times like these.

While we were wrapping up our visit we saw Sheri’s mom out mowing on this huge tractor mower. Sheri’s parents live right next door and they love helping out on the land.  Sheri told me that her mom grew up on a farm and had just said that she hadn’t been on a tractor that size in almost 60 years! So naturally we HAD to get a picture of her out there doing her thing. She was pretty far away when we spotted her so we patiently waitied for her mom to get close. I was able to snap a quick few photos before she noticed 😉 I’m fairly certain she knew what I was doing but let me get a few anyways. I think Sheri’s dad got quite a kick out of that and I got one heck of a cool farm girl picture with Mt. Rainier in the background.

Along with the venue they also raise their own Angus. These cows get to have a happy life out in open patures. I had to take a quick pic of the newest members of the heard. I can’t resist a baby, in any form!

I absolutely adore Sheri, her parents, Spike and this venue. There is something so special about being out in the peace and quiet of the country and I can’t wait for us to go back soon for more weddings. If you’d like to tour the manor make sure to get ahold of Sheri at and she can get it set up!

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Mountain View Manor – Enumclaw, Wa

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