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I wanted to do something a little bit different here on the blog! I’m shifting my focus away from big “traditional” weddings to adventure elopements and I thought it would be fun to feature one of my favorite local florists. Because even when you elope¬† you’re still going to want a stunning bouquet.

I’d like to introduce you to Rachel! She is the owner, creator and boss babe behind Stars Align Flower Company, based out of Olympia, Wa.¬† The two of us immediately clicked when we met and have sooooo much in common, it’s almost scary! It was one of those “did we just become best friends?!” moments. Speaking of, she’s coming over for dinner tonight with her hubby and son… we are going to be giving jackfruit a try… wish us luck! Or rather, wish our husbands and kids luck! We may end up eating out if this goes badly!

I’m getting off topic here… let me tell you a bit about my pal Rach. (I hope you don’t mind your new nick name, Rach!)

Ever the nature lover as a child, it’s no surprise that she found herself intrigued by designing florals. After designing an arrangement for the salon she was working at she sought out a local florist to intern with at the age of 19. This is when Rachel did her first on-site wedding and learned so much. She experienced so many different aspects of the floral industry through the years from retail, big events, weddings and even working in a warehouse that did mass production arranging and wire services.

Through seeing the various different levels of the business she learned the importance of supporting small local flower shops and how important it is to have a more personal experience with your florist. Creating floral arrangements is so much more than throwing some pretty flowers together. As Rachel so eloquently told me; “Flowers are meant to communicate the best parts of ourselves and the messages we want to share with others. When you have something custom made, it’s and individual work of art that is meant to speak for you in a language we perceive subconsciously. It triggers many of our other senses and emotions. which is what makes this kind of art so timeless and incredibly special to us all.”

I can see all of the love and passion that Rachel has for her craft and for her clients. Her absolute favorite thing is when a client lights up when they see their flowers for the first time. Your florals really help tell the story of you and of your day and reflect your individual style.

I recently got to take a behind the scenes peak when I visited her home! Talk about a little slice of heaven. My little hippie heart was loving all of the dried flowers in her kitchen and the beautiful garden in the back yard. She’s recently started drying flowers and making some fun pieces out of them! It’s a great way to be able to repurpose these stunning flowers and to reduce waste in the process. Her flower confetti is such a great alternative to traditional confetti. Environmentally friendly and so freaking pretty!!!

Rachel created this stunning bouquet while we visited. It was fun to watch her create this beautiful work of living art. I love how she is able to take different elements and flowers to create an arrangement that is so whimsical and magical. I got to bring it home to enjoy for 2 weeks! Although I had to put it in our bathroom because our cat Binx is a big meany at will eat any plants I bring into the house. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen where I have to hide my kitchen herbs every night!

Definitely make sure you check out her website and social media accounts to see all of the fun stuff she will be adding to her shop. You can find Rachel at:


Feature Fridays




Stars Align Flower Company

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